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One Way Transport

One Way Transport provides transportation services to and from all of Sacramento County, including El Dorado Hills, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba and the Greater Bay Areas.

We Help You Get There, Safely and On Time

Mission Statement

One Way Transport is a service that provides non-emergency, non-medical transportation. Our transportation service takes people to and from physician visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation appointments. We know that losing the ability to drive can be devastating for an independent client. From grocery shopping to picking up medications to simply getting out and about transportation is crucial for those who don’t own a vehicle or don’t want to depend on family or friends to get them around.

Arrive Safely and on Time.

One Way Transport staff are experts and can provide assistance throughout your traveling needs and make sure you arrive safely and on time.

One Way Transport focus is to extend beyond moving people, we hope to empower you to engage inalternative transportation needs all within your financial resources.

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1600 Sacramento Inn Way Suite 111, Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 418-4959